Corby Spirit & Wine,
Pernod Ricard.



Sourcing + Securing Brand Partnership, Program Design,Creative
Development, 3D Rendering, Fabrication, Brand Ambassadors, Executing Content Capture,
Event Production

In 2023 Corby Spirit & Wine introduced an award winning, ultra-premium
Tequila to Canada, Codigo 1530.

Codigo 1530 was once an exclusive secret, enjoyed only within select inner
circles. Today this brand emerges from its codes and customs to captivate the
world. Joining the ranks of the discerning few who seek out the best that life
has to offer, and savour a Tequila crafted for those that deserve perfection.

Our job was to craft and tell this story in a world where Tequila is judged less
on quality and increasingly by its celebrity endorsements.

The recommendation was to partner with the country's most prestigious
tennis tournament, the National Bank Open and to produce a launch party
during TIFF that would rival any movie screening in Hollywood.